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Music Writing in “Riff”

Lately I’ve been doing some writing for a Bay Area music website. Here’s a roundup of some of the coverage.

“Kingdoms of the Border” published in Full Stop Quarterly

An essay of mine on the work of Mexican novelist Yuri Herrera called “Kingdoms of the Border” was published in the most recent issue of Full Stop Quarterly.

Short story “Bangr” published in Catamaran

Santa Cruz quarterly Catamaran has published a short story of mine in their Fall 2017 issue. The story, called “Bangr,” is a satirical-but-plausible chronicle of the design of a dating app in the fiercely competitive, everyday dystopia of present-day San Francisco.

Short story “Sir” published in Crannóg 46

My short story “Sir” was published in Irish literary journal Crannóg, Issue 46 (Winter 2017) – my first print publication outside the United States.