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Student Homelessness Package for EdSource

I put together the web presentation for an EdSource special report on student homelessness. The five-story package includes a map and audio story, and weeks of on the ground reporting and data analysis to bring urgent news on how the housing crisis in California is being felt by the most vulnerable: youth, students and the poor.

My New Tech Blog – Forwardslash

It’s a hybrid of the code-focused developer notebook a lot of programmer blogs consist of, and a notebook for where tech intersects with other things, like visual art or music.

Anthropocentric Technology

I’ve been thinking a lot about technology and its implications lately, and this morning I sketched out a simple framework for an “anthropocentric technology.”

Woz, Not Jobs

The digital world needs more people in love with the creative process for its own sake: the hackers, hobbyists and tinkerers.

Free is Not a Living: Journalism in 2013

The disruption of the Internet is not being evenly distributed or experienced across the board. Something has to give.