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Student Homelessness Package for EdSource

I put together the web presentation for an EdSource special report on student homelessness. The five-story package includes a map and audio story, and weeks of on the ground reporting and data analysis to bring urgent news on how the housing crisis in California is being felt by the most vulnerable: youth, students and the poor.

Venice Freakshow Barker

Listen to this man: he is alive. Got this audio snippet while checking out Venice Beach, where I was last weekend.

Day of the Locust

West’s portrayal of LA as a spiritually corrupt wasteland, a place where Western culture has come to die and the frontier spirit of America has reached an endpoint where all it can consume is itself, seems to be a prototype for nearly every portrayal of LA that I can recall.

Prop 8 Protest

On Grove and Van Ness today, traffic was blocked by protestors opposed to the California Supreme Court’s decision this morning to uphold Prop 8. Police were managing a traffic reroute and arresting the protestors quietly, one at a time. It was a peaceful event, no apparent anger between the protestors and the cops, who both […]

Secrets and Shame

The raw humanity of its narrator, Doug Abbott, is the only thing that keeps I Cried, You Didn’t Listen from being a mere laundry list of horrors in this scathing exposé of the California Youth Authority.