Design Work


My design career started with hand-stapled ‘zines, college classes in design, and learning how to build my own websites back in the late 90’s. Over the years my work with content and communications carried me into design in many formats: magazines, websites, newspapers, books, and blogs. I became fairly obsessed with typography and technique, grids and margins.

As the Internet upturned the whole world of content delivery, my HTML beginnings expanded into web development, usually “front-end” but a lot of back-end CMS hacking as well. These days I’m focused on responsive design, UI/UX, and simultaneously, moving my knowledge beyond the construction of user interfaces, into the guts of how applications work: API’s, databases, development frameworks.

Much of what I do these days consists of programming, to build a design or more often, as an integral part of the design process. I make daily use of CSS, JavaScript, and Unix tools, and in the past worked extensively with WordPress and other Content Management Systems, and a little bit with Ruby on Rails. Recently I’m working mostly with Django and Jekyll.

I recently took a full-time job and am on staff at Citizen Engagement Lab. Prior to that, I worked as a freelancer, independently and under representation by the excellent 10x Management. I cut my freelancing teeth as part of the Tech Underground consultant network, serving prominent non-profits in the Bay Area and beyond.

Below is an (out of date) sampling of design work—please also see my portfolio on Behance. And for code creations, here’s my Github page.

Tech Underground Branding and Responsive Website

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress and visual identity.

The Tech Underground is a collective of independent consultants doing technology work for the grassroots and nonprofit communities (as well as other clients) in the Bay Area. I’ve been a member since I started freelancing full time in 2011. I recently created a new brand and a responsive, WordPress-backed website that works on all kinds of displays and screen sizes. The new site went live this month, July 2013. Visit site here. I also posted to my Behance portfolio.

Annual Report Microsite

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and visual design.
Web design and graphic design for the Performing Arts Workshop’s Annual Report, which they wanted to do as an interactive microsite including an infographic. Visit site here.

580 Split

Book design and typesetting
2011 issue of the Mills College literary journal, 580 Split. Cover art by Tyler Bewley.

American Mavericks Microsite

Design and development for the Mavericks Festival microsite for the San Francisco Symphony, Custom WordPress site with HTML, CSS, JS with some existing image assets and some created for the project.

San Francisco Public Press

Helped plan, develop, coordinate, and design the debut edition of the San Francisco Public Press, a quarterly broadsheet newspaper. Collaborated from early stages selecting typefaces and other styles to create templates currently in use on the newspaper.