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Student Homelessness Package for EdSource

I put together the web presentation for an EdSource special report on student homelessness. The five-story package includes a map and audio story, and weeks of on the ground reporting and data analysis to bring urgent news on how the housing crisis in California is being felt by the most vulnerable: youth, students and the poor.

Hearing View Rheinau

Hearing View Rheinau documents the creation of a sound installation in Switzerland where textures from four seasons on the Rhine were meticulously captured.

Anthropocentric Technology

I’ve been thinking a lot about technology and its implications lately, and this morning I sketched out a simple framework for an “anthropocentric technology.”

On Comic Sans and Wireframes

It took me a long time to realize that wireframing tools use that most hated of fonts: Comic Sans. I got over my initial panic, and here’s why: because every font has its place.

San Francisco Public Press Rebranding Project

Last year I worked with the public-interest news startup the San Francisco Public Press to re-brand the project and create a new visual identity for the paper.

The Value of Uselessness

There’s a certain kind of uselessness that is entwined with our feelings about art. To make something that is useless is a statement in itself.

Turkish Textiles

It’s pouring rain in San Francisco and there are fireworks exploding. Earlier today I saw some amazing textiles from Anatolia today, dating from the 1700’s, at the De Young.

American Mavericks Website Up

A new website I designed for the San Francisco Symphony’s American Mavericks festival just went live.

580 Split Just Released

My first foray into book design just was released—the 2011 edition of Mills College literary journal, 580 Split.

Creosote Journal Website Launched

After months of work writing a Wordpress theme from scratch, then scrapping it and rewriting it, the Creosote Journal website is up and running.

Ornament in Design

So I have been thinking: what is a kind of ornamentation that is compatible with clean, modern design? Ornamentation is not purely decorative: it has some very important functions. It guides the eye, it highlights certain elements while downplaying others. It communicates certain aesthetic ideas, feelings, and sensibilities.