Manzanita Rei: Sketches

My daughter, Manzanita Rei Allen, was born May 10th, 2012 in San Francisco. The past months have been a blur as home life overwhelmed (in the best way) and work needed to keep rolling ahead.

I put a lot of faith in words, but there’s none that are adequate to describe the feelings that come along with having a child enter the world. One day I will take my stream-of-consciousness ramblings from the last months of journals on the subject, and make them into something I’ll share.

Instead of a coherent essay, for now, here’s a video, some pictures, a couple of sketches.


First moments:


Video from 3 months:

Mazzy at 3 Months from Justin Allen on Vimeo.




In the City:

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  1. Yvette says:

    Love your writing about OAXACA!

    and your baby is so preciously cute! So glad i found your website..

    Impressive work, like the creativity and freshnes!
    very cool work!!! you work hard!!!


    Yvette Lopez, traveler, going to Oaxaca in October..

  2. Justin Allen says:

    Hey, thanks Yvette! Enjoy Oaxaca – can’t wait to get back there for a visit.

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