Recent Creosote Journal Posts

In the past few weeks, I’ve been busy with the posting—not super prolific, but a few things I enjoyed writing that turned into pretty good web features.

Aurora and I joined a group of friends for the Black Panther history tour of Oakland, led by David Hilliard. The post I made after it, A Black Panther’s Guide to Oakland, got picked up by AOL’s “Black Voices” aggregator and we got the biggest spike in traffic yet on The Creosote Journal website.

Then I wrote a piece about San Francisco Bay Guardian journalist Steve Jones, whose recent comprehensive history of Burning Man places him firmly as a Scribe of Burning Man. Steve used to work at the Sacramento News & Review, (where I interned, though not while he was there) writing the Capitol Bites column—he knows politics, and knows how to dig.

And most recently, a profile / interview with San Francisco painter Tyler Bewley. His stuff is just so beautiful… it takes you a while to realize how disturbing it is.

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