Creosote Journal Website Launched

After months of work writing a WordPress theme from scratch, then scrapping it and rewriting it, the Creosote Journal website is up and running. It’s still a little bare-bones in terms of the content you’ll find, but it’s enough for a start — a few friends have already started coming through with amazing contributions.

Long-term, the goal for this project is to maintain a modest, but steady sampling of quality writing and other work on the website, with an annual literary journal that will be for sale on the website, and various print and digital creations to come out under the umbrella of the magazine.

It’s been a major design project—mostly a CSS / WordPress / jQuery adventure so far—and I’m glad to finally have it out there and able to shift focus to the editorial work and to making the individual posts look the best they can, given the constraints (some of them voluntary, some due to the nature of web browsers).

Visit the site here:

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