Prop 8 Protest

On Grove and Van Ness today, traffic was blocked by protestors opposed to the California Supreme Court’s decision this morning to uphold Prop 8. Police were managing a traffic reroute and arresting the protestors quietly, one at a time. It was a peaceful event, no apparent anger between the protestors and the cops, who both understood their roles and were equally committed to them. I’m sure some of the SFPD present were themselves gay, and surely felt conflicted about their job in that moment.

Between City Hall and the Opera House and Davies Symphony Hall, they sat in the street wearing shirts that said “I DO.” In the shadow of the building where so many were married, in the shadow of the building where Harvey Milk was shot. A building where Aurora and I went to get our marriage license in an atmosphere of joyous liberation, where gay couples being married and obtaining their own licenses made us feel affirmed in our own commitment to each other, in a ritual that was inclusive, not exclusive.

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